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Hey! I just wanted to update again.... Lots more has been written on Blessings and Curses.

An hour. That's how long I had left until my test. I sighed as my and Sulfur walked back to our actual school.
“What happened in there? Something did, I can tell.”
“Apparently I'm adopted.”
“How did you find that out? Are you sure it's true?”
“I don't know, but it would make sense. Have you seen how different me and my brother look? Or me and my mother, or who I thought was my mother anyway...”
“Yeah, I have noticed, but that doesn't prove anything!” Sulfur reassured me. Maybe I was overreacting. I mean, Sulfur's not adopted and he looks nothing like his parents. I smiled at him as we walked up the stairs and entered the schoolhouse.

After an hour, I was called out of my alchemy class, but not before I managed to blow up that day's assignment.... Man was I glad to be pulled out of there before the teacher got onto me again. It wasn't until I remembered what why I was being pulled out of class that my nervousness came back.
“Oh, yeah, my test...” I muttered to myself. I smoothed out my dress and took a deep breath before stepping into the room. Inside was a stage and on the stage was a stand. As I walked closer to the stage, I saw four people in the front row of seats. I stepped onto the stage and looked at them. The two on the far right were both women. The one on the outside had shoulder length, black layered hair that flipped up at the ends. Her chocolate brown eyes looked at me with reassurance. I smiled slightly before looking at the girl next to her. She had cool grey eyes like Sulfur's and light brown hair that resembled the autumn leaves. Next to her was a couple, but not just any couple, the couple from the old schoolhouse. There must have been a look of surprise on my face because the first lady spoke up.
“Miss Raina? Is everything alright?”
“Huh? Oh, yes, everything is fine. I'm just a little nervous.” The woman laughed a bit, making me smile.

So, yeah, still a work in progress!
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