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So, I'm sure everyone's heard of the Ebola outbreak in the U.S. by now. This is scary: Ebola's been found in Tulsa, which is 30-60 minutes away from me....... I don't have it! I swear!

Anyway, Happy All Hallows' Eve, everyone! I'm dressed as Delilah Silvermoon today. Who is Delilah Silvermoon, exactly? Spoilers for Dreamlight. Sorry. Really want to know?

So, I know I haven't told you the "planned" ending to Rescue of Dreamlight (Book 1) yet. Well, while rescuing Sarahfina, Rosa and crew are attacked (not including Xernona, as it is revealed earlier that she was your villain the entire time). Rosa sees one way out for them; an extremely dangerous spell that should only be cast by a master of white magic, a master of black magic, and a master of red magic (normally, three separate people, as many people can only master one form of magic). She doesn't tell anyone it's that spell though and so everyone willingly leaves her, knowing that if they stayed, the spell would kill them. After casting it almost successfully, she collapses as the castle falls around her. She is trapped inside and killed. Prophecy of Dreamlight (Book 2) starts a year after the events in book 1. Jesamay has taken the role of assistant manager of The Sleeping Dreams hotel, with Gavin as manager (he was manager in book 1). They leave to go to the market one day and run into this girl. Their first thoughts? "Is that Rosa?" This girl looks exactly like Jesamay and Rosa. She swears up and down that she has no clue who Rosa is and that she's just your average, everyday 18-year-old teenager named Delilah Silvermoon. Jesamay lets it go, but is still shaken up about her. Afterwards, you go to Rosa's perspective and find out that Rosa IS, in fact, back on Vavera and has taken the name Delilah Silvermoon. Sent back on a mission, she isn't technically allowed to let her family/close friends know that she's back, for fear that it would upset the balance of nature. Annadochi (their goddess) is the goddess of fate, dreams, and magic. She tells Rosa that there is a prophecy that is supposed to be coming true soon. The four sisters mentioned in it need to be let known about it. Who are these sisters of the prophecy? And can they be gathered before the fall of Dreamlight?

All will be revealed when I get there! So, be patient and enjoy the snippets I post from time to time. If you don't want to know what's going on before I type and post the actual story, then don't read posts like these. Seriously...

I'm known for spoiling things for people.
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