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So I've got more of Blessings done and thought I should update!

“Well, you've got four hours to do what ever you want then? How about we go get some ice cream?” I smiled. We got up and went to the old schoolhouse across town. I smiled at the memories that place brought. This was where I started school, and so had Sulfur. When they built the new school five years ago, everyone stopped coming here. Everyone except me and Sulfur, that is. We came here after school most days just to talk or have a snack. We went across the street from it and got ice cream.
“Thanks, Sulfur. For being here with me now, that is, and for always have been there. No one else has. Not since fourth grade.”
“No problem. Why wouldn't I though? Do you remember the first few days we met?”
“Yeah, you were the new transfer student. You sat down next to me and just sat there. Never spoke until the end of the day.”
“Yep and after school, I came over to where you were waiting and finally asked what your name was. Then you introduced yourself.”
“The next day, you sat by me again, only this time you talked to me a little bit. We became friends and then at the end of the day, you said 'I'll always be there for you, if you're always there for me.' “ I smiled and he smiled back. He had kept his word for over eleven years now. He was there through everything; losing my cat and my bird, losing all of my friends because of a new transfer student in fourth grade, everything.
We sat and ate our ice cream, watching people pass by the building. Most of them were just normal people, a few from another branch of my family or from another with a curse. It sadden me a bit but then I looked next to me and realized that I should never have been sad to begin with. I was sitting next to my best and only friend in the world. This cruel world may be against me, but I knew one person would always have my back. I grabbed Sulfur's arm and looked at his watch. He just laughed at me. It was only nine. Three more hours.
“Why do you always do that?”
“I'm just to lazy to ever go find my watch and wear it. Plus, you're right there.” We laughed for awhile longer. After about thirty more minutes we heard the schoolhouse bells. Only they weren't from the new school, but the one that we were at right then. Sulfur looked at me. They had never done that before. We stood up and tried to open the door, which was supposed to be locked. It open with ease and so we stepped inside.
Inside was dark, with very little sunlight coming in. We walked farther into the lobby as silently and carefully as we could. The wood flooring was cracked in several places and rotting in others. We looked at the walls; instead of the normal beige color they used to be, they were black. As we continued to walk down the hall, the scenery changed more and more, until it didn't even look like the schoolhouse any more. Sulfur hesitated but I kept going. Eventually Sulfur caught up with me, and we continued to walk. The hall was getting darker and darker, until we couldn't see any light at all.
“Um, Sulfur, this was bad idea. C-can we go back outside? Please?”
“I was just thinking the same thing.”
“Oh, but you can't leave just.” A voice sounded sounded from behind us. It was a male, I could tell and Sulfur definitely didn't say that. I squealed a bit and started walking away from the voice.
“Oh, darling, don't leave yet. Please?” This voice was feminine and had a motherly tone to it and it was in front of me.
“Sulfur! Where are you? Sulfur, please!” I called. No response. I was terrified and no response from Sulfur wasn't helpful. Then , somebody lit a torch, yes, a torch. Geez, how medieval was that? In the light, there were two people; the guy had silver hair and pale, sky blue eyes and the woman had light pink hair and emerald green eyes.
“Raina, calm down. You're safe... for now. Listen to me, your mother, Aqua, is not your real mother. You're adopted.” The pink-haired woman said. I couldn't have been adopted, but then again, it would explain a lot.
“She's not lying. This maybe hard to hear, but, in reality, we're your parents. We couldn't have kept you and you still be safe.”
“W-what do you mean? I don't understand.”
“You're not expected to yet, but in time, you will.” The woman said. I turned around from them and ran off, leaving them behind. I ran in the direction that we came in and ran straight into Sulfur, who was in the lobby.
“Where the heck did you go? You asked to leave, but then you didn't leave!”
“You mean you left me! Did you not here me calling you?”
“What? You never called for me!”
“Yes, I did! Let's just get out of here.” I said. There was no way he couldn't have heard me....

So, yeah... Weird things going on? Check. Unknown powers? Check. A recipe for disaster? Of course!
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