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So, I haven't had the time for anything I've wanted to do... typing up Dreamlight included. Oh, realization has hit me that I haven't explained what Dreamlight is... Well, Dreamlight is my main project (a.k.a. the book I'm writing) and I'm actually in the process of rewriting the beginning because it took WAY too long to reveal the problem. I won't post the first chapter yet, but I can provide a summary, including main characters (no spoilers, I promise).

So, Dreamlight is a romance/adventure story (typical, I know). The main protagonists are Rosa Denise, Jesamay Denise, Alex Hunter, Alexandra Anderson (Lexi for short), Josh (I don't know his last name yet), Gavin Hake, Sarahfina Sparkle, and Zola Miracle. Sarahfina isn't one of the characters you "travel" with. She's the reason the adventure began! The kingdom of Dreamlight was attacked on her birthday, at her party. The result? Not much damage, but a missing queen and princess. That's how the journey begins!

I could also post background info on most of the characters even the antagonist but that would give away so much. The protagonist backstories are as followed:

Rosa is a mage, well trying to be. Her mother greatly disapproves for unknown reasons (revealed later in the series). Her twin Jesamay is the closest thing she has to a best friend. She is outgoing, but also a little shy. She is pretty much the leader in every situation. She heads to Dreamlight to pursue her love of magic and become a full-fledged white mage.

Jesamay is pretty much the opposite of her twin, Rosa. While Rosa is more of a leader, Jesamay is the voice that tells you this might not be a good idea. Jesamay is very friendly and tries to get her sister to be more open with people, needless to say, without much success. She follows her sister to Dreamlight in hopes to open Rosa's eyes to the fact that people are easy to understand.

Gavin, well, he's a bit... weird. There's not much else to say about him. He's the manager of the hotel, at which Rosa and Jesamay take up residence and start to work. He's fun to be around and loves practical jokes.

Zola is an energetic member of the castle guard. She was assigned to accompany Rosa and friends in their journey. She is determined to show the entire guard that she isn't as much of a burden as they claim she is.

I'm too lazy to put the rest up yet so yet another thing to wait for. Enjoy previous entries though!


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