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Not much has happened for a while so I'm rather writing just to write right now. Saying that out loud is a tongue twister. I'm currently listening to Vayne and Friends on an endless loop thanks to one of my friends showing me the infinite jukebox. I'm just going to post one of my three projects now. This is but isn't a fanfic, so please bare with me here.

“Maybe... maybe you'll remember me. Maybe then, you can find me... and we can be friends.”
“I will remember you. You're my friend, there are no maybes. I will remember, trust me. I'll remember these memories, these days, everything.”
“I'm not sure though. This process can change or even remove memories entirely. Are you certain you want to try?”
“Yes, I want to remember them, especially him.”
“Okay. I hope I see again...”

Jessica woke up. She looked around as the room in her dream turned back into her normal room. Another dream about this girl. If she could just remember who she was, even if it was just a simple name, she would find her and ask what had happened. It seemed so real that she was almost certain that it was a memory. Everyone she knew said that dreams could do that. If that was the case, then, why would she have the same dream over and over again? She glanced over at her alarm clock. 5:30 AM. Thirty minutes before her alarm was set to ring. She got up and checked her phone.
“Five messages from one person? That's not normal...” Jessica muttered to herself, “dang it Vayne...”
Twenty five minutes ago
Jess get up.
Twenty minutes ago
Jess, would you get up!
Fifteen minutes ago
Jess, it's really important.
Five minutes ago
It involves that girl you dream about.

The last message woke her up completely. She quickly replied.
Meet me at the park in twenty minutes
On my way now. I got breakfast.
She got dressed, brushed out her hair, put it up, grabbed her school bag, and ran out the door, slipping and almost falling as she ran to it. She ran down the faintly lit street and stopped on a corner to check her phone. Ten minutes left. She turned left and ran down the street even faster. In a couple minutes, she saw the park up ahead and someone under the gazebo, waving like an idiot. She slowed down to a jog, trying to catch her breath a bit before reaching them.
“I said twenty not fifteen,” she giggled once she reached Vayne.
“Yeah, twenty not fifteen, Jess,” Vayne laughed back.
“Stop calling me Jess! You know I don't like it,” she laughed more. She looked at what he had brought for breakfast. Pancakes, fresh strawberries and orange juice.
“How do you know me so well?” Jessica laughed again. They sat down across from each other at the picnic table making faces and laughing at each other. After a moment, they both calmed down. Jessica's phone chimed for a second saying she ought to go fight more people since her energy was full. She ignored it, it wasn't like she was going to do that later or anything. After half the strawberries were gone, she just couldn't wait any longer.
“What did you find out about her?” she asked quietly.
“Hmm? Oh, I was wondering when you were going to ask. I couldn't sleep last night for some reason, so I hopped on the computer and did some research.”
“Mm hmm, and?”
“Does the name 'Tillith' ring any bells?” Jessica thought about it for a while then shook her head. Just then both her's and Vayne's phone rang. Seven o' clock already? Wow, times flies when she's with Vayne. They got up and started heading to school. They walked for a little and then ran into trouble. Coming down the sidewalk that they were to turn onto was Sierra and her friends. They tried to make a run for it before Sierra could tell who it was. They had no such luck.
“Oh my goodness! Girls look who it is!” Sierra called to her lackeys.
“Great,” both Jessica and Vayne muttered under their breaths.
“H-Hey Sierra, w-what's up?” Jessica stammered.
“Oh, ya know, nothing much. We were just walking to school when we noticed you two lovebirds.” Sierra replied in a sassy tone.
“Leave us alone, Sierra. We've told you we are NOT dating.” Vayne snapped at her, hoping to get her to back off for at least a day, or even an hour.
“Oh, I'm sorry, when did you tell me this?” Sierra acting like she had actually forgotten and cared.
“At least ten times a day!!” They yelled at her.
“Oh, Sierra, maybe we ought to stop. Some people obviously don't like it,” Lindsey, Sierra's second-in-command, replied with mock sincerity.
“Not!” Rosalyn replied.
“Leave me alone!” Jessica yelled at them as she ran off.
“Exactly, Sierra. What's your issue?” Vayne said with a bitter and a glare, before running off to catch up with Jessica.
“Nothing, why are you two still denying it?” Sierra yelled at them.

“Jessica! Wait up!” Vayne yelled after Jessica. She stopped so suddenly that Vayne almost ran it her.
“Why do they keep teasing us?” Jessica sobbed, tears running down her cheeks.
“They view us as easy targets. The less popular always have been and always will be the target of people like Sierra or Lily.” Vayne told her. Jessica sobbed again, quieter this time.
“Maybe... they would be nicer if we somehow showed them we aren't as weak as they think we are. Maybe-”
“Jess, no. That would only make it worse. Just ignore them and listen to music or play a game.”
“But the teachers-”
“Won't care. We could have graduated last year if wanted to. We have all the credits we have to have.”
“But we didn't.”
“Why didn't we?”
“ 'Cause we wanted to have some fun in our last year in high school.”
“Exactly, now let's have a good day.”
“Okay,” Jessica said a bit more cheerfully, wiping away some tears.

First hour started at 8:00. Jessica and Vayne walked around to their classes and found out that they the exact same schedule. Also, almost all of their classes were in the same building and really close to each other.
“All the same classes? That's pretty cool!” Vayne exclaimed while comparing the schedules.
“What's even cooler is the fact that all are classes are ones that we together!” Jessica pointed out. She was feeling much better now that Sierra and her crew wasn't messing with her anymore. In fact, as far as she knew, they weren't even at the school yet.
“Umm... Vayne? I'm going to go check out the library.”
“Going to research Tilith?”
“I'll come with you then. I'm interested in her too.” So they walked to the library and split up once they got there.
“Good morning, Miss Mellie, do we have anything on a girl named Tilith?”
Yeah, this isn't one of my better ones... I'm still pretty proud of it though! Enjoy! Also, some pancakes and strawberries sound really good right about now...
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