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So, I've been working on these two projects, not necessarily fanfics, and I've decided to show them off. I would love criticism, just don't be too mean as I'm only an amateur author at the moment (I write, just not in too much detail or too often).

No, it wasn't supposed to end like this... Not with the destruction of the world. Not with everyone I cared for most dying. Not with a planet of no people and only ghosts. How did it end up in complete and total chaos? If everyone in my world is a ghost, then why am I still here to tell the story? You may ask, but you wouldn't like the answers you get. Although, I guess I owe the world an explanation.

It started like every other ordinary day on Vavera; the sun shining, wind slightly blowing. It was perfect almost every day. The days that weren't were always a time to celebrate. The rain was a blessing; it gave life to those who had lost hope. The snow was a sign of purity; we played outside until we were blue and then went straight back out once we were warmed up again. Tornadoes were the times where we stayed inside and let the howling of the wind take away all worries we had. You get the point, right? Anyway, I had known that today was my moment of truth. My family sometimes had this “curse” in it's bloodline. I was to be tested today to see if I had it and, if I did, if I could control it. Seventeen was when it started to show and I was eighteen. I sat up and stared at the floor. I didn't have it but I knew this was going to be a problem.
I actually got out of bed and looked at myself in my full length mirror. My pale blonde hair was sticking up in all sorts of directions and my pale, sky blue eyes were still full of sleep. I sighed and reached for my brush. Turning around to my closet, I saw my mother had already laid out an outfit for me. It was a pale blue, knee length dress. Layered and fluffy, I knew it was a family heirloom. I carefully picked it up and my suspicions were confirmed. It had belonged to Misty, the woman on whom the family curse was first bestowed upon, although at the time it was a blessing.
I sighed and carefully put it back down. I looked around for some shoes to go with it only to find that my mother had gotten that covered too. There was an old shoe box on my nightstand. It was so faded and beat up that it was a miracle it was still in one piece. Opening it, I found nothing but a note.

“Dear Raina,
Although the shoes that were supposed to be in the box are perfectly fine, I want you to throw away this box. Misty would kill us, but she would understand. The shoes are on my bed in their new box and breakfast is in the oven. I'm telling you all this now because you're not allowed to see your family before the test, as a tribute to Misty, who didn't have family to witness her receiving of the blessing. I hope you do well. If you have it, then control it and prove you're not a danger. If not, then show them! See you in a few hours!
~Love Mom”

“Very helpful, Mom,” I said aloud, even though there wasn't anyone in the house apparently. I put the dress on and found it fit perfectly, which was surprising to me. I brushed out my hair and let it fall past my shoulders, reaching the middle of my back. I decided to just get breakfast and leave. I wouldn't want to be too late.

The wind was blowing stronger then normal. I smiled at it. I was never told exactly what my family power was. Maybe it had something to do with the weather, or maybe potions, but then again, if it involved alchemy, I definitely didn't have it. Alchemy was a school-taught skill that everyone had to take. I failed that class so many times that the freshmen did better on their first day then I did on my millionth. Anyway, I was totally oblivious to what the curse was, although it made no sense. Everyone made such a big deal about it, but they never told me exactly what it was. I was left in the dark and always left to wonder what it could possibly be. Little did I know that it was like nothing, I mean NOTHING, like what I could have possibly imagined.
I reached the schoolhouse and found that nobody was there. It was a ghost town. Then I saw mine best friend just sitting around on the steps.
“Sulfur! Where is everyone? It's 8 'o clock on a Tuesday.” I called out. The boy looked up, his black hair falling in front of his grey eyes.
“I'm not entirely sure, Raina. What are you all dressed up for? There's nothing special going on that I'm aware of. Did I forget someone's birthday? Oh, please tell me that there wasn't a party that I forgot about!” I laughed and he gave me a wild look. I glanced over him again. He honestly didn't know.
“No, there is no party, it's just...” I couldn't say it for some reason. There was just something keeping me from telling him everything. I sat down beside him and sighed. I just couldn't.
“Hey, it's okay. You know you can trust me. You have before.”
“It's nothing. Well, that's not true. It's my family.”
“They're making you dress up?” He laughed, making me smile. Okay, you've probably guessed by now. Yes, I had a slight crush on him. If he had one on me, I will never know.
“No, I guess it's okay to tell. My family bloodline has curse running in it and today's the test to see if I have it, which it should have started to show by now if I do. It starts at seventeen.”
“Well, if you know you don't have it, then why do you still have to go to this test?”
“So they know I don't have it and won't be a danger.”
“Well, if it makes you feel better, my family has a sort of curse in it.”
“Really? So, do you have it?”
“Yes and yes. Ours is that we have a sort of knack for alchemy. Every great alchemist in the past hundred years has been from my family.”
“Well, that explains why you're always helping other people three minutes after our assignment was made. At least you know what yours is though. No one will tell me.” I dropped the smile I had and stared into the distance. It just made no sense. Sulfur knew what his family curse was, but Mom wouldn't tell me what mine was. That scared me more than possibly having it or my kids having it; the fact that it was so unknown to me scared me beyond imagination.
“Hey, Raina, it'll be fine. What time is the test?”

I don't have the other one typed up at all yet, but will work on it. The one that is here though isn't finished, and I'll try to update that soon. Enjoy!


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